Realizing human resource potential to its fullest in the higher education sector with access, equity, quality and excellence which leads to holistic development of the personality of the youth with special emphasis on professional qualifications in the field of higher education.


1. To provide greater opportunities of access to higher education with equity to all the eligible persons and in particular to the vulnerable sections.
2. To expand access by supporting existing institutions, establishing new institutions of higher learning in Union Territory of Chandigarh in accordance with needs of the society and aspirations of the youth.
3. To initiate policies and programmes for strengthening research and innovations and encourage institutions in stretching the frontiers of knowledge.
4. To promote the quality of higher education by investing in infrastructure and faculty, promoting academic reforms, improving governance, and institutional restructuring for the inclusion of the hitherto deprived communities.
5. To promote learning and to prepare a comprehensive policy in the area of Higher education, focusing on holistic development of the students.
6. To release grant-in-aid in accordance with the needs of the institutions for maintenance of infrastructure.
7. To encourage students to achieve excellence in various manifestations.
8. To implement the national policy on higher education with special reference to skill development in Higher Education and promoting liaisons with industries.
9. To make higher educational sector a brand in certain streams.
10. To establish awards for meritorious and needy students.
11. To promote sports and other co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.